Friday, September 21, 2007

My Kids Say the Funniest Things

Yesterday Mitchell was playing with the tiny action figures from his Mini Rescue Heroes Avalance Set, a gift from my forever-friend, Angie, one of my girlfriends since fifth grade who now lives in sunny Florida. It was just last year that Mitchell wanted to marry her.

The Rescue Heroes are action figures marketed to young boys, and their mission is to rescue people from peril. Mitchell was playing with a truck and a snowmobile and a helicopter and a handful of two-inch-high, plastic, ready-for-anything guys. He enaged them in a lively conversation, and I think they were about to rescue someone when one Rescue Hero said to another, just as Mitchell has said to me and Max and his daddy a hundred times in his life, when one of us is about to go downstairs or out to the mailbox or into any other room of the house ... Will someone please stay with me???

At that moment, I couldn't think of anything more comical than one brave action figure asking another, in Mitchell's little voice, Will someone please stay with me? Classic Mitchell story #303. Perhaps this afternoon, one Rescue Hero will say to another, Has anyone seen my diapers? I think my mom hid them again so I might try on a pair of big-boy underwear.

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