Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Kids Say the Funniest Things

This morning Mitchell woke up dry from a night of sound sleep, as always, and five minutes later, his diaper could hold not one more drop. That's why my sofa slipcover is soaking in the washing machine.

As Mitchell and I do almost every morning, when we are the only two awake in the house, we sat together on the sofa, me laying down and him sitting on my legs, talking about lots of topics. His voice is full of energy and is smile is deeply animated. Lately he loves to talk about his clubs (see so I asked him if he wanted to start a Diaper Club with his friends. He didn't like the idea very much. I'm sure he knew in which direction I would casually steer our conversation.

"You could all bring diapers to your club meetings and trade them," I offered. "You could talk about your favorite brands of diapers."

"No way," he replied immediately.

After a minute or two more of discussion about this non-topic, he said, "I can't think of any friends I have that still wear diapers." So we went through his list of ten or twelve playmates and buddies, and sure enough, he was the only one. And I could tell he was very proud of that.

I have asked the opinions of my friends ("just take away his diapers" or "he'll wear underwear when he's ready") and my pediatrician ("I usually refer parents to a psychologist after their child reaches age three and a half"). I am not bothered or concerned by Mitchell's adamant refusal to wear underwear, ever. I know he is physically ready for the potty. I know he is brilliant. I also know he can be stubborn and he likes to do things in his own unique way. I am very curious to see how long he really will wait to make the switch from Pampers (actually, we've switched to Target brand diapers to make Mitchell a little less Pampered) to little boxer shorts from The Gap. While I wait, I know we will have more cute conversations just like the one we shared this morning. It was the smilingest part of my day.

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