Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Homeschool: Christian Book and Gift

I went middle-of-the-year school shopping yesterday at Christian Book and Gift, a Rochester store with a whole room devoted to homeschoolers. I had ordered some titles and of course, we had to browse for five minutes. At the checkout, the friendly and knowledgable (and lovely) Lisa told us that if we spent $100 in homeschooling supplies in one shopping trip, we would receive a fifteen percent discount on that purchase. Our subtotal before tax was $82, so it was a no-brainer, like getting a free book. We went back and chose two more titles. I wanted to share this incentive with other area homeschoolers who would enjoy the discount, which only applies to homeschool materials. Happy shopping!

Here is what we bought, if you are interested in knowing what we are learning or adding good titles to your own homeschool bookshelves:

Scratch your Brain (Clever Math Ticklers)
Grades 2 - 3/Level A1
The Critical Thinking Company

Mind Benders (Deductive Thinking Skills)
Grades 3 - 6/Level A1
The Critical Thinking Company

The Usborne Book of World Religions by Susan Meredith

What Ever Happened to Penny Candy? by Richard J. Maybury
A fast, clear, and fun explanation of the economics you need for success in your career, business, and investments.

Building Thinking Skills
Grades 2 - 3/Level 1
The Critical Thinking Company

Explode the Code 4 1/2

Get Set for The Code
A Primer for the Explode the Code Series
Book B

Albert Einstein, Young Thinker by Marie Hammontree

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