Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Kids Say the Funniest Things

A few weeks ago Max and Mitchell were wrestling and fighting after dinner. It was that tough time of day, the hour in between eating and crawling under the covers, when the clock says it is too early to go to bed, but their bodies say it is too late to stay up. Troy was with them in the living room, supervising their wild rumpus, and after trying several unsuccessful tactics to improve their behavior, he tried a new approach.

"What would Jesus do?" he asked them, in reference to the popular slogan often employed to encourage all of us to make better choices in our lives.

I was hoping for a heartfelt response from them such as "He would share his toys," or "Jesus would not fight with someone," or "Jesus would listen to his mom and dad." We had been reading Bible stories and doing devotions and I knew they knew the answer to that poignant question.

Without wasting even a second to craft his witty response, Mitchell took a quick break from his wrestling match and replied with a smug grin, "Jesus would perform one of His miracles to get us to stop fighting." And the fighting was replaced with uncontrollable laughter from all four of us.

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