Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mind Benders: The Answers!

The solution to the Mind Bender problem, Name the Animals, posted last week, can be found at the end of today's blog posting.

Here are the original clues to the puzzle:

A cat, a small dog, a goat, and a horse are named Angel, Beauty, King, and Rover. Read the clues to find each animal's name.

1. King is smaller than both the dog and Rover.
2. The horse is younger than Angel.
3. Beauty is the oldest and is a good friend of the dog.

Need some help? Here is an explanation, followed by the answers:

King is smaller than the small dog (1), so King isn't the goat or the horse (or the dog).
Then King is the cat.
The dog is not Rover (1) or Beauty (3), so it is Angel.
The horse is not the oldest (2), but Beauty is the oldest (3), so Beauty is not the horse.
Then the horse is Rover, and Beauty is the goat.

cat: King
dog: Angel
goat: Beauty
horse: Rover

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