Monday, March 10, 2008

My Mind Isn't Bending and I Mind

Recently we added Mind Benders to our curriculum. The series is published by The Critical Thinking Company. You can request a catalog or shop directly from their website, Each exercise in the workbook is a short, fairly easy-to-solve logic puzzle to help develop deductive reasoning. I'm trying to find an excuse to explain why I had to look at the answer key at the back of the book to solve yesterday's puzzle, especially since the problems are designed with third through sixth graders in mind. I'll blame the flu. Can you can solve the puzzle?

Name the Animals

A cat, a small dog, a goat, and a horse are named Angel, Beauty, King, and Rover. Read the clues below to find each animal's name.

1. King is smaller than both the dog and Rover.

2. The horse is younger than Angel.

3. Beauty is the oldest and is a good friend of the dog.

Check back tomorrow for the answers!

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